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America's Sweetheart

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Art Key

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In the 1950s and 60s, professional cheerleader was an inconsequential part of the world of sports. Cheerleaders were dainty and attractive with no athletic expectation.

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in 1972, it was a group of high school dancers who were on the sidelines cheering the Cowboys all the way to the Super Bowl. After this win, the Cowboys franchise began on building an iconic team of athletic cheerleaders. Over one hundred hopefuls tried out and 7 strong, talented dancers were chosen. The Dallas Cowboys have led the the industry of cheerleading in every way, setting themselves apart from the rest through athleticism, impeccable dress, and energy. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are now known as America's Sweetheart's.

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Dolly is never without her .38 pistol. She has a permit to carry and says, "I feel safer when I got it". While out on the town in New York, Dolly had cause to pull the pistol on a man who was grabbing at her. "I wouldn't have shot him in the stomach or nothin', but I would have shot his feet off..."

"If I have offended anybody with any of my language, all I can say is tough titty!" -Dolly Parton

11 crystals on Dolly's hoops represent her 11 siblings who were raised with her in a one room cabin. When speaking of her family's poverty, she concludes they always had what is most important, each other and love. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader uniform has also featured glitzy crystal accents since the 1980s.

The current Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader uniforms is very similar to the original uniform born in 1972. Subtle changes have been made since the 70s. This western-inspired design is blue and white, with fringe detail, white boots, and a star-spangled belt.

Opal snaps were used on western wear because they would hold up against the rough lifestyle better than a button and thread. Like the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, these snaps are tough and hardworking all while being beautiful. The cheerleaders train for 20+ hours a week, and that's not including game days.

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Dolly Parton has 2 stars on the Hollywood walk of fame, just like the stars on either side of her vest. The star is also the logo of the Dallas Cowboys. Stars can be found on almost every iteration of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader's uniform.

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When Dolly was asked how many wigs she owns, she said she could wear a different wig everyday for a year, "So at least 365!". A stylist who has worked with Parton guessed the star owns 900 wigs.

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Since the 1970s, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have been affectionately referred to as "America's Sweethearts". For decades, they have been a beloved representation of American pop culture. Likewise, Dolly Parton is an equally adored figurehead of American charm. Her lovable and warm persona has also led her to be called an American Sweetheart by fans and the press.

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While starring in the 1980's movie 9-5, Dolly wrote the award winning and chart-topping hit of the same name. While on set, she didn't have a guitar, so she used her long acrylic nails to keep the beat like a washboard. She liked it so much she recorded that sound and includes the nails in the credits of the album

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Denim has been a staple in the country music style. Denim is built for durability and hard work. No matter how many rhinestones are at a Country Music event, you know denim is not far away. Like country music, jeans capture the American spirit; true, blue, and able to weather anything. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader's uniforms famously feature white shorts.

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