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b boi George

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Art Key


Washington ruined his teeth using them to crack walnut shells. His dentures were made from human and cow teeth, ivory, and lead. None of his teeth were wood. A little spring inside the dentures helped them open and close. The fake teeth caused him great discomfort and were one of the reasons he rarely smiled.

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When GW became Commander in Chief of the Continental Army in 1775 the troops didn’t have a unifying uniform. Washington declared that blue jackets, white breeches and tricorn hats were the new American uniform. Morale turned around thanks to Washington’s branding efforts.

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George did not wear a wig, his hair, styled to look like a wig, was all his! The barber was a constant need, and Washington's ledger shows expenditures for perfumed hair-powder and pomade.

A market trait of Washington's character was his particularity about his clothes. Born to a wealthy family in Virginia, Washington was aware from a young age of the place fine clothes occupied in high society. 

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Single Color Adidas track suits gained popularity in the 80s due to a new cultural focus on fitness. Break dancers were a large part of the Hip Hop scene. These breathable, eye-catching athletic suits became popular with these street dancers and eventually became a Hip Hop fashion staple.


Washington knew his time as the first President was setting a standard for following leaders. He wanted to limit the ability for the position of power to be abused. He decided to step down from Presidency after two terms, creating the standard of a two-term limit.

Washington was fearful of being buried alive, as he was convinced others in history had been. He directed that his body not be buried for three days after his death, just in case. His wishes were honored and four days after his death, he was buried. 

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Dookie chains” became a symbol of status and wealth in the early hip hop community. Emcee’s chains became thicker, longer and layered seemingly representing their success. This trend transitioned into the addition of large pendants and more recently the trend to be “Iced out” with diamonds. Being fly aint cheap. 

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