Ricky Phillips - Interior Designer, owner of hōme•ol•o•gy

"Lindsay, of LX Art kicks ass! When I first met her, she showed me some of her art and one piece she had just finished was a Queen Elizabeth piece for another client and I was immediately in love and told myself that I had to have one of my own."


Joel Leader  Brad Thomas -
Research in Community systems & Doctor of Dental Medicine

When Brad and Joel aren't creating cocktails and mischief on Lake Lewisville, they are collecting unique and exciting art. Their Texas home is filled with their many finds; books, art and other rare curiosities. 

michelle longergan.jpg

Sean and Michelle Lonergan - Pharmaceutical CEO

" We love collaborating with Lindsay and discussing ideas for each piece we commission from her. She is an extremely talented artist and business woman. Everyone should own a painting from LX Art. "


Jesse Conner - Eccentric Millionaire

" I spend my time traveling and doing hype things with my wife and kids. I love LX Art because it features amazing people who changed the world and hip hop culture. The pieces I have collected so far resonate with me personally, look great with our homes' designs and are amazing conversational pieces."


Channing Frye - NBA Magic, Cavs, Lakers, Suns

Channing and Lauren Frye have worked with LX art on two pieces. Each piece represents one of the styles LX Art is best known for. One Lighthearted revamp of a historical leader and one portrait commemorating  an icon that holds personal meaning for the clients. 


Brooke McGregor - COO Kaleidoscope Juice

"I worked in the capitol for a nutrition fellowship with congress and I have been obsessed with American history since then. This is the first piece of art my fiancé and I are putting in our new home together as a couple. This painting is something we can pass down to our future children. "

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Alan Williams - Phx Suns, Bklyn Nets

Williams chose to work with LX Art to customize his Modern Pheonix home. When Williams returns from weeks on the road he says the custom pieces he has collected,

"They make my house feel like home."

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Ryan Read  

Owner/Founder Thrive Specialized Training

Ryan is the founder of Thrive specialized training programs. He is very passionate about his clients and his brand. Another thing Ryan loves is Marilyn Monroe. Ryan Read received an LX Art Portrait of Marilyn Monroe as a gift for his home. 

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Dr. Stephen Becker- Plastic Surgeon

"When I purchase a piece of art, I do so because it is relatable. In some way, the piece will invoke a particular feeling or memory. I was a fan of LX Artworks and took notice of the president mash-up portraits. They were unique and fun but also respectful of the subject" 

Amy GOld.png

Dr. Amy Gold - Naturopath

"I have many pieces of fine art in my home. I can’t tell you logically all the reasons why they live with me. All I can tell you is that they chose me as much as I’ve chosen them. It’s a spiritual, cellular response that draws me to the art I love."