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Jerry Jones
American Businessman
Owner - Dallas Cowboys


Dr. Brad Grant &
Dr. Joel Leader


Channing Frye
NBA player, Sports commentator & Vintner


Albert Fialkovich
Business Advisor


Robert Herjavec
Croatian -  Canadian Businessman
Investor, TV Personality - Shark Tank

Meet Dr. Dauwe.jpeg

Dr. Philip Dauwe
Plastic Surgeon


Jesse Conner
Eccentric Millionaire

Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 5.56.54 PM.png

Simon Aslanpour
Event Company Owner


Julia Buckingham  
Interior Designer, Author of Modernique®

Julia Buckingham is a world-class interior designer and the creator of Modernique®, an interior style that combines both modern and vintage. Julia has led countless high-profile interior projects and even authored her own book on her unique design style. Julia owns an LX Original of the iconic supermodel, Twiggy.


Ricky Phillips - Interior Designer, owner of hōme•ol•o•gy

"Lindsay, of LX Art kicks ass! When I first met her, she showed me some of her art and one piece she had just finished was a Queen Elizabeth piece for another client and I was immediately in love and told myself that I had to have one of my own."

michelle longergan.jpg

Sean and Michelle Lonergan - Pharmaceutical CEO

" We love collaborating with Lindsay and discussing ideas for each piece we commission from her. She is an extremely talented artist and business woman. Everyone should own a painting from LX Art. "

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 12.18.28

Ryan Read  

Owner/Founder Thrive Specialized Training

Ryan is the founder of Thrive specialized training programs. He is very passionate about his clients and his brand. Another thing Ryan loves is Marilyn Monroe. Ryan Read received an LX Art Portrait of Marilyn Monroe as a gift for his home. 


Brooke McGregor - COO Kaleidoscope Juice

"I worked in the capitol for a nutrition fellowship with congress and I have been obsessed with American history since then. This is the first piece of art my fiancé and I are putting in our new home together as a couple. This painting is something we can pass down to our future children. "

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