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Elvis has returned

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Art Key

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In 1958 Elvis was inducted into the Army. A local lawmaker petitioned for an exception to be made allowing Elvis to keep his signature pompadour. No special treatment was given. His head was buzzed along with the other soldiers The haircut was covered by reporters while young girls cried.

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Elvis was extremely close to his mother Gladys. Some believe this was because of the loss of Elvis’ twin brother, Jessie, who died at birth. The family spoke Jessie’s name often and believed he was and angel protecting Elvis.   

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Elvis paid $3.98 in 1958 to Sun Records to make his first recording.  He sang Arthur Crudup’s “That’s Alright”, a gift for his Mama.

Daisies represent the bond between mother and child. One daisy for Gladys and one for each son.

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Bandanas have been a mainstay for blue collar workers and rebels alike. Presley, born to an impoverished family at times worked alongside his parents as a child to help make ends meet.

In 1957 some people were so offended by Elvis’ dancing on stage he was warned by venue managers he could NOT wiggle his hips while he sang or he would be arrested. After these complaints the Vice division conducted an investigation into Elvis and his pelvis.


Presley’s hips aren’t the only thing that shook Memphis. The city is located next to one of the largest fault lines in the country.

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TCB “Taking Care of Business” was the name of Elvis’ band. 


Elvis was raised in a predominantly black neighborhood and was greatly influenced by black culture and music namely Gospel and the Blues. Many of the songs Elvis made famous were covered first by Black American signers. Elvis always acknowledged his greatest influences.

Presley reached the rank of Sergeant before he was discharged.

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Elvis belonged to the 2nd Armored division called “Hell on Wheels”. 


Presley was posthumously awarded the Presidential Award of Freedom for his contributions to culture and society.

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