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Frida sola

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Art Key

Three of swords is a tarot card, that depicts a fundamentally sorrowful experience.

Romantic love can bring immense happiness... it also makes us vulnerable to intense pain. 

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Azul - in Frida's Journal she wrote what each color means to her - next to blue she said "Electricity and pure love."

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Frida experienced emotional and physical pain in her life, after each of her surgeries, she would request, "Bring me my paints". Her art helped her heal her body, heart, and soul.

Frida and fellow female artist, Georgia O'Keefe shared a special bond. When the two met, O'Keefe was a well-known successful artist and Frida was not. O'Keefe was 20 years Frida's senior and more than a mentor to Frida. The women traveled to visit each o there in their home countries and stayed in touch through letters and calls. Historians question a sexual relationship between the two.

The "Mal be Oio" or "Evil Eye" in Mexican culture is believed to protect the wearer from negative energy or others' bad intentions. 

The color gold represents the solar plexus chakra, where we hold our personal power. Strengthening this part of ourselves improves our boundaries and autonomy. 

The Seven Sorrows or "dolors" is a symbol of the sorrows in the life of Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. Some call Frida Kahlo a patron saint of pain. Mary is also known as "Our lady of sorrow" because of the pain she felt for her son.

"I am fragile, not like a flower, like a bomb" - Frida Kahlo

Diego had many affairs during his marriage to Frida. Frida divorced him after learning of his 5 year long affair with her sister. Two years after the divorce, they remarried. Bad habits can be hard to quit.

Garnet: Represents self-love and friendship. 

Pink Sapphire: Provides strength and power through hardships.

Aquamarine: Reflects a calm pool, still water. Soothing and serene. This stone can empower the wearer to trust themselves and to let go. 

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