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Frida in Stripes


Art Key

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Kahlo chose to keep her brows thick and unruly going against the heavily plucked style worn by Hollywood stars at the time. Her unibrow became a distinct trademark, she often even exaggerated it in her self portraits. 55 out of her 143 paintings were self-portraits. 

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Frida wore her long black hair in a way deemed unfashionable at the time, center parted into two braids and accessorized with flowers, the flowers were usually from her own garden.

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Frida’s Physical health was a challenge all of her life. At the age of 6 she contracted Polio and lost mobility in one of her legs. When she was 18 she was in a bus accident and was impaled by a handrail. Her spine broke in three places, her right leg in 11 places, her shoulder was dislocated, and collarbone broken. Upon waking up in a hospital she requested art supplies to kill the time and alleviate the pain. This body altering event led to a life of surgeries, recoveries, and pain. Her dire physical condition became the inspiration for her morbid and macabre paintings.

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A red rose can represent romance, passion and intimacy. Frida had many loves in her life. Frida married, divorced then married again Diego Rivera, a fellow Mexican artist. Her rumored lovers include: Georgia O'Keeffe - American Artist, Leon Trotsky - Marxist and Josephine Baker - French Actress and civil rights activist. 

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Daisies represent innocence, purity, childbirth, motherhood and peace. Frida was unable to carry a child to term. She featured the physical and emotional pain of a miscarriage in one of her most known works. 


Cherry blossoms represent passing of time, a reminder to live in the present, or mindfulness.


Marigolds represent fragility of life, grief and connection to spirits.


Lapis Lazuli is known as a stone of truth, wearing it can bring about open communication. Lapis Lazuli can help its wearer to overcome issues relating to trauma, depression or grief. Frida is wearing Lapis over her throat chakra which is responsible for communication, self-expression, and the ability to speak your personal truth.

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Frida is wrapped in black and white representing the joy and pain filled life she led. Her life and her art are filled with high contrast. 

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