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The hair bow was originally gender-specific to adult males in Europe throughout the 1700s when men adorned their hair with bows to show they were prosperous and extravagant. 

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The “Winchester shirt”, with a colored body and a white collar, is named after Luitenant Governer Oliver Winchester who owned a dress shirt manufacturing business. Winchester became so successful in the men’s fashion space he invested those profits in another business. Guns. Winchesters’ investment in the Volcanic repeating arms company grew and he bought out other investors and renamed the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. 

The term “White collar” originated in the 1920s. White clothing required frequent laundering which many people could not afford. those who wore white shirts were in non labor, higher paying jobs.  

Those working laborious and often dirty jobs opted for darker clothes. These clothes were thicker, to withstand the arduous wear, and darker to hide dirt for the longer periods between launderings. This reality led to the term “Blue collar” workers.

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George Washington, like his father, was a farmer. Washington believed agriculture to be the noblest of professions, and crucial to the growth of our nation. He was innovative with his crops, practicing crop rotations to preserve the soil, experimenting with new breeds of crops and farm animals. 

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Washington was inaugurated as the first president of the United States, April 30, 1789. The location of the inauguration was held at the “Federal Hall” in New York, which was the capitol at that time. The Federal Hall was located on Wall Street and still stands today in the financial district of New York. 


The anemone flower is thought to bring luck and protect against evil. 

George Washington won all 69 electoral votes, making him the only president to be unanimously elected.

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Washington used a seal bearing his family crest. Seals were in popular use at the time to ensure the privacy of personal letters and as a means of certification of authorship. The Washington family crest bore three stars above two stripes. And the Latin phrase “The outcome must justify the deed.”

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In a stroke of genius marketing, Rolex started gifting their watches to men in highly visible seats of power in the 1940s. After Winston Churchill received a Rolex gift, President Eisenhower accepted an all yellow gold watch engraved with his name. In 2014 Eisenhower’s Rolex reached $475,000 at auction. The minimum wasn’t reached so the watch wasn’t sold. 

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