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Monster Majesty

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As a young hopeful in the music and entertainment industry, Stefani Germanotta was often mistaken for Amy Winehouse. This motivated her to dye her hair blonde and become increasingly more unique through her fashion and performances.

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One of Lady Gaga's musical inspirations is the band, Queen. 

Stefani and her producer were texting, and he typed, "Radio Ga Ga", the title to a Queen song, it autocorrected "Radio" to "Lady". She texted him back saying, "That's it. Don't ever call me Stefani again."

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In a monarchy, a King or Queen acts as a focus for national identity, unity, and pride. As a Nation, America was established without a Monarchy. As a people, we choose athletes, actors, and musician to look to as leaders and representative for the people. In a way, we have created our own American Royalty.

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Lady Gaga has been candid about her experience with fame. Dissecting both the desire for fame, and those who obsess over a chosen celebrity.

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Elizabeth Taylor is one of the earliest stars to receive the title "American Royalty". This emerald necklace was a gift from Taylor's lover, Richard Burton, on their wedding day.

Elizabeth Taylor became the first actress to earn 1 million dollars for her role in "Cleopatra". Shorty after this hit, Taylor's "career was in decline. She had gained weight, was in her late 30s and did not fit in with new Hollywood stars" - Wikipedia YIKES

Ermine fur was used to make capes and other finery for European royals and elite. Ermines are an all-white carnivorous mammal similar to mink. Their tails appear to have been dipped in black ink. 

Green eyes are the rarest eye color in the world. Only about 2 percent of people in the world have naturally green eyes. Green eyes are a genetic mutation that results in low levels of melanin. Green eyes naturally occur run all races of people. 

"I wear sunglasses to hide my green eyes." - Lady Gaga, "Summerboy".

A "Royal Family Order" badge is a portrait of a ruler or head of state, encrusted with diamonds and backed by a colored ribbon. The subject of the portrait fits these badges to those closest to them while their are in power.

Two of Lady Gaga's cherished French Bulldogs were abducted in 2021. Dog walker, Ryan Fischer, was shot in the incident. An award of $500k was offered for the dogs' return. The pups were returned and the thief received 21 years in prison. 

Gaga loved to drink tea out of china teacups with her mother. While she is traveling or on the road, she takes fancy china teacups to feel at home. 

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