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Artist Angle - Research, History, Expression

Artist Lindsay Ekstrom is a book worm. She loves a good book. Before beginning a piece, she will do extensive research on the subject, to get to know them better. She gets herself into their shoes. She thinks, "what would I wear?" or "what do I stand for". She has to do this kind of research in order to fully understand the subjects life and purpose and be able to express it on canvas.

Lindsay mostly buys her books from second hand stores, such as this set right here:

The American Heritage Book of the Presidents and Famous Americans, Volume 5

"Old books contain photos and texts that just doesn't come up on popular searches on the internet" - Lindsay Ekstrom

National Geographic Eyewitness to the 20th Century

Lindsay also enjoys books that give historical context. Books that give detailed explanations about big historical events.

Timelines of Everyone

"Books like this help me understand timelines. It might shock you who's lives overlapped. Hitler and Bob Marley, Einstein and David Bowie" - Lindsay Ekstrom

The Diary of Frida Kahlo: An Intimate Self-Portrait

"This is Frida Kahlo's journal. It's stunning and devastating. Not just facts about her life, but her inner most feelings and drawings." - Lindsay Ekstrom

Albert Einstein/Mileva Marić - the Love Letters

"This is a collection of letters between Einstein and his first wife, Mileva. If you think scientists aren't passionate, buckle up." - Lindsay Ekstrom


"I study fashion and jewelry a lot so I can communicate through clothing in their portraits. The changing styles and clothing overtime represent so much of what happens in our world. When and why hemlines shortened and where patterns originate from, what does wearing each color mean in different countries? It's so interesting." - Lindsay Ekstrom

Georgian Jewellery 1714-1830

"Jewelry also tells stories. I really enjoy the nuance and meaning behind accessories, spiritual meanings of gemstones and metals." - Lindsay Ekstrom

 Queen Elizabeth II: An Illustrated Treasury

"I also love books about royals. Their whole lives are meticulously documented in photos." - Lindsay Ekstrom

Diana: The People's Princess - A Commemorative Tribute

"Diana is such a fashion. I love photos of her from the 80s. Her photos feel so genuine and candid." - Lindsay Ekstrom

 Behind the Seams: My Life in Rhinestones

"This book on Dolly's fashion is such a beautiful book... amazing detail and information" - Lindsay Ekstrom

Lindsay takes pride in her research, making sure her portraits represent the most accurate information about the people she paints. Even if you aren't the most history enthused, you can still find very interesting and captivating facts about these select rebels, founders, and icons. Before I began my journey at LX Artworks, history wasn't a huge passion of mine. The way Lindsay expressed the details of these peoples lives fascinated me. A huge part of my job is to be able to talk about and explain in detail what each piece represents and what each symbol means, on behalf of Lindsay. I have to be able to know the deeper meaning. It's not just Frida Kahlo with tattoos in a bustier. It's Frida Kahlo embracing her separation from dependence, her womanhood, her passions. The same goes for each and every character.

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