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Holiday Gift Guide for Finding Better Gift Options and Saving Money with Bundles

With the holidays just around the corner, the LX Artworks team is here to help you find the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list.

Gifts for Mom

Our build-your-own assorted bundle is our best gift option for a customizable and personalized gift. For mom, we suggest choosing four powerful women like the ones pictured above to add to your BYO bundle. Our example bundle featured 8x10" print of "The Queen is a Rich Man", a "Tough Titty" t-shirt, a "Frida in Stripes" magnet, and a "Stevie" sticker. If you don't love what we're put together in the example above, you can always create your own variation. That's the beauty of building your own bundle!

Gifts for Dad

We've got the perfect gift for the father figure in your life. The Founder Bundle features five of history's most groundbreaking leaders: Abraham Lincoln, Queen Elizabeth II, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin. This bundle includes a museum-quality print, soft cotton t-shirt, vinyl sticker, and magnet all featuring portraits of these famous figures creatively rendered by artist Lindsay Ekstrom. Plus, if you don't love the combination of founders we've curated here, you can always opt for a build-your-own bundle and add your dad's favorite rebel, founders, and icons from history to the assortment.

Gifts for a Significant Other

We've got the perfect personalized gift for the queen in your life. Our build-your-own bundle allows you to select products featuring royals the queen of your heart will know and love. Our example bundle includes a "The Queen is a Rich Man" print, "Lizzie" t-shirt, "The Queen Will Rock You" magnet, and a "People's Princess" sticker. And if you don't like what we've put together in the example bundle, you can always create your own variation. That's the beauty of a build-you-own bundle! Tap below to build your own bundle for the woman you regard as a queen.

We've got the perfect personalizable gift for the man in your life. Our build-your-own bundle allows you to select products featuring influential and inspiring men the man in your life looks up to. The example bundle shown above includes a "Punches & Prayers" print, an "Inked Einstein" t-shirt, a "Forever Friday" magnet, and a "Biggie" sticker. Plus, if you don't like what we've put together, you can always create your own variation.That's the beauty of building your own bundle! Tap below to build a bundle for the meaningful man in your life.

Gifts for Friends

Our print bundles are the perfect gift for a friend (or even 5 different friends). These print bundles allow their recipient to build their own gallery wall filled with authentic museum-quality art in their home. Available in both 5x7" and 8x10" packs, the print bundle is offered in two different sizes and at two different price points. Plus, you can choose from our "Fan Favorite Bundle" which features our top selling prints or you can build your own bundle of 5 prints that your bestie will love.

LX Artworks sticker bundles are the perfect lighthearted, yet meaningful gift or stocking stuffer. The bundle includes 5 durable vinyl stickers that will stay put on your friend's Stanley, car bumper, or even their laptop. Offered as a curated "Fan Favorite Bundle" or as a build-your-own bundle, you'll be able to select the perfect set of stickers to gift to your friend (or five different friends).

Gifts for Colleagues

Our magnet bundles are the ideal gift for your boss, office bestie, or other work colleagues. The magnet bundle allows you gift's recipient to spice up the break room fridge or their own space at home with durable vinyl magnets featuring beloved Rebels, Founders, and Icons from history. Our magnet bundles are offered in two variations: the "Fan Favorite Magnet Bundle" of magnets featuring our best sellers and the "Build-Your-Own Magnet Bundle" which allows you to choose which 5 characters you would like so you can create an excellent and thoughtful holiday gift.

Why Bundle?

  1. Savings: There are several perks to bundling. First, when you bundle you can save up to 25%! For example, the total retail price of any of our assorted bundles adds up to $97, but we offer the bundle for only $75. That saves you $22!

  2. Ease: Our bundles make the perfect low-effort, high-value gift! Instead of mulling over what to give your friends and family this holiday season, you can hop on to our site and quickly choose from an array of exciting and meaningful gifts. By bundling, you save yourself time, effort, and money.

  3. Meaning: Products from LX Artworks make the perfect gift because they not only feature Rebels, Founders, and Icons from history that you and your loved ones identify with, but they also include an art key that explains they symbols and stories hidden in the art.

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