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The Queen is a
rich man

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Art Key


This crown was made in 1820 for King George IV, and immediately the crown was deemed “too feminine” for him. The crown bears roses, thistles and shamrocks, the floral symbols of England, Scotland and Ireland respectively. It is made with more than 1,000 diamonds and 170 pearls. 

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In 1990, at the age of 64, The Queen stopped dyeing her hair, (her dye color was called Chocolate Kiss).

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The Queen makes an effort to wear bright colors to every large event. She does this so people can say “I saw The Queen!” Because she can’t meet everyone, she wants the public to feel they can spot her.

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During WWI, women entered the work force out of necessity. At that time women only wore dresses and were still using corsets. In 1918 WWI was over and women were expected to return home and back to their previous roles. Coco Chanel, another powerful, pioneering woman, designed female clothing inspired by menswear, so women could continue to work. Chanel borrowed her lover’s suits and dress shirts and used them as inspiration for her iconic tweed suit. Her fashions were boxy, cut for movement and comfort, rather than a traditional “feminine” silhouette.

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Chanel jackets are lined with Cuban chain to ensure the perfect, drop, hang, and swing. What has started as a utilitarian detail has also become iconic “Chanel”.

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Red Rubies are known as a protective stone. The ruby is believed to protect the wearer from negative entities that leach positive energy, promoting spiritual vitality as well as physical wellness overall. Queen Elizabeth received a gift of 96 rubies from the people of Burma. all of which are now set in the tiara. The Burmese people believe that rubies help protect the wearer from the 96 diseases that can afflict the human body.

Queen Elizabeth is the longest-reigning British monarch and the longest-reigning female monarch in world history. As of 2022 she has reigned 70 years. The second longest reigning female is Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth's great- great grandmother, who reigned for 64 years. 


When Cher was younger her mother implored her, “Find yourself and marry a rich man” she replied, “Mom, I am a rich man”. 

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