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Warren Buffett has been nicknamed "The Oracle of Omaha" because of his success in the stock market. An oracle is someone with visions or prophets of the future.

"ROI" is an acronym which stands for "Return in Investment. Saying this sounds cool.

Buffett has made is fortune by what he calls "value investing", he finds high-quality companies any fair market valuations. He then holds these investments for the Lon term, some indefinitely, always allowing the power of compounding to grow his wealth

Buffett eats McDonald's breakfast and 5 cans of full sugar Coca-Colas daily. Of course, he owns stock in Coke and deeply regrets selling his shares in McDonald's in the 90s.

Candlesticks are a visiual representation of the size of prince fluctuations on Stock Market graphs. You're learning so much, you're almost a Finance Bro at this point. 

Warren made his first investment in the stock market at 11 years old. He became a millionaire at 30. He amassed 99% of his wealth after he turned 50 - proof that wealth is compounding. 

As of 2023 Warren Buffett is worth 119.5 billion dollars

Buffett is not a flashy man. He lives in the same home he purchased in 1958 for $32,000. Her prefers to purchase only American made cars and drives them until they are no longer running. 

Warren Buffet keeps life simple and consistent. he lives by a 5/25 rule. Write down 25 of your greatest goals in one area of your life, select the top 5, then avoid the rest at all costs. Success is achieved by compounding efforts on these 5 goals. 

When Warren was 7, he gathered discarded bottle caps for weeks until he had over 3000. He sorted them to find which soda was most purchased. What that data, he bought that soda in bulk and sold them to kids in the neighborhood. 

After being rejected by Harvard Business School, Buffett enrolled at Columbia Business School where he earned a Master of Science in economics. Buffett continues to focus on learning by reading an average of 6 hours a day.

As of 2023, Buffett is 92 years old. He credits his longevity to his junk food diet. "I think happiness make an enormous amount of difference in terms of longevity. And I'm happier when I'm drinking Coke or eaten hot fudge sundaes and hot dogs."

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