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The People's Princess

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Art Key

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The Lover's knot tiara was made for Queen Mary in 1913. It was handed down to her granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth, then onto Diana when she married Prince Charles. The last time Diana was seen wearing it was 1993. The tiara was not seen until 2015 when Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, wore it.

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The two added flowers around “veritas” are “Forget me nots”. Diana’s favorite flowers. In 2021 Diana's sons William and Harry unveiled a statue of their late mother at Kensington Palace gardens. The statue of Diana is surrounded by Forget- me- not flowers.  

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Diana was photographed wearing this initial bauble while she was working at a Nursery school holding two littles. Diana was the first royal bride to have had a paying job before her engagement.

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One of Diana’s greatest gifts was touch. When she visited people afflicted with Leprosy or AIDS, she showed the world it was safe to love them. Her visits, the care, attention to their causes and physical touch made such a huge impact.


Many cultures see Butterflies as spirits visiting from another realm. They can be seen as an omen or sign from a loved one who has died.


Veritas, the motto for Harvard University, is Latin for “the truth”. Diana didn’t attend this American University but was often photographed in a Harvard sweatshirt. 

The BBC televised a 54-minute interview with Princess Diana in 1995 where Diana spoke publicly about her struggles with an eating disorder, depression, and the infidelity in her marriage. The public honesty was groundbreaking. Diana struggled under the pressure of projecting perfection, and she wanted to expose the veneer. 

In 2020, evidence surfaced that the BBC journalist who interviewed Diana was guilty of breaching BBC editorial conduct to obtain the interview. He had manipulated Diana with forged documents leading her to believe her security were being paid to betray her and that her life was in danger. 


On her honeymoon, Diana found a bracelet given to her new husband him from his ex-girlfriend Camilla with interlocking Cs representing Charles & Camilla. Diana’s personal butler has shared there were times Diana couldn’t stand the sight of the Chanel logo and asked him to hand pluck the stitching of the logos from clothing and shoes. Christian Dior is a better choice for Diana.

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Upon the death of Princess Diana, her sons each chose pieces of her jewelry. Harry chose Diana’s engagement ring and William chose her Cartier watch. When William told Harry he was going to Propose to Kate Middleton, Harry gave their mother's engagement ring to William. Harry wanted the ring to be worn by someone who would become Queen. Megan now wears the Cartier Tank watch. 

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Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris on August 31st, (8:31)   1997.

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